branding razor

There are various places you can go to get a logo designed, whether it’s a professional agency, Fiverr, a friend-of-a-friend or you can even design one yourself. So, you like the logo, you’ve had positive feedback, but the problem is, how do you know that the logo will accomplish what you want it to?

Here’s a quick method I use to give myself that piece of mind before I decide to proceed with a logo design. To get started, choose a company/brand that fits each of the below criteria and keep their logos on file:

  • Logo 1 — A company/brand that you would like your company/brand to emulate (This can be a company/brand from any sector)
  • Logo 2 — A company/brand that you would like to work with someday (e.g Could be a publication you want to be featured in, a brand collaboration etc)
  • Logo 3 — A competitor with branding that you really like (e.g. If you’re creating  sports brand, this could be Nike)
  • Logo 4 — A competitor with branding that you really don’t like (e.g. This should be a brand operating in the same sector as you)

Then when my own logo is ready, I put it through a simple “Branding Razor” I created that lets me know if I’m in the right ball park.